International Autism Training and Certification for ASEAN Professionals in Singapore

St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC) in collaboration with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards is presenting a two-day conference in Singapore September 8-9 to bring a world class autism training and certification to professionals in Southeast Asia. The internationally-recognized program is regarded as the gold standard in certification that recognize individuals with advanced knowledge in autism.

During the two-day training conference, attendees will take part in hands-on activities and group sessions with other education and therapy professionals from around the world. Collaborative sessions will teach how to leverage autism traits and characteristics as potential springboards for success in education and health care. Attendees will also take part in engaging discussions on effective self-advocacy, meaningful engagement in the community and how to effectively model training for individuals with autism. Through a series of two-day conference sessions, they will provide attendees with expert knowledge centered around the IBCCES 10 Areas of Autism Competency.

The training program will also effectively prepare each participant to sit for a certification exam which will allow them to become internationally recognized as a Certified Autism Specialist®. Certified Autism Specialists® can be found throughout the world at schools, health care facilities and other areas that service individuals with autism.

Those interested in registering for the conference workshop may contact Alison Williams at [email protected]. Please click here or visit for more information. 

About the Presenter: Dr. Robert Naseef

Dr. Robert Naseef is seasoned by 25 years of professional practice as an independent psychologist with Alternative Choices in Philadelphia. Dr. Naseef’s specialty is working with families of children with autism and other special needs. He has published in scholarly journals and other publications. He has a special interest and expertise in the psychology of men and fatherhood. Robert relates to community and professional audiences and is a sought after speaker around the country and internationally and who has appeared on radio and television. In 2008, Robert was honored by Variety, the Children’s Charity for his outstanding contributions over the past 20 years to the autism community.

About St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC)

St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC) is a non-profit, integrated center for the education, training, and care of persons with autism and their families. Our students and clients tend towards moderate to severe autism.

A community service of St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH), SAAC operates a special school for children and youths with autism from seven to 18-years-old, and a Day Activity Centre (DAC) for adults aged 19 years and beyond. Both students of the school and DAC clients benefit from shared services in specialist therapies — speech, occupational and music therapy — and in varying extents, expressive arts programmes in dance, art and music. SAAC also supports and equips families and caregivers with members with autism with knowledge and skills through a range of family services, including parent support and networking. SAAC engages in public education, advocacy and community outreach with the vision for an inclusive society.

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