3 Therapists Talk about Impact of Telepractice Certification

Many speech-language pathologists have been forced into doing telepractice, but many also don’t feel confident that they are giving the best therapy they can to their patients.

Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Gets all of Their SLPs Telepractice Certified

Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center decided to take initiative and ensure that all of their speech-language pathologists were prepared to administer the best therapy possible by having all of their SLPs go through the Board Certified Telepractice Specialist training through IBCCES.

Hear what their SLPs Thought was Most Helpful about Training

In this blog we have feedback from three of the SLPs at Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center so you can hear what is most helpful about the training from SLPs that have taken it and are applying it every day themselves.

The telepractice training covers a variety of different topics, including:

  • Introduction to Telepractice
  • Therapy Environment
  • Technology
  • Licensing and Compliance
  • Facilitation
  • Scheduling
  • Materials
  • Assessment
  • Special Education
  • Stakeholder Buy-in

Board Certified Telepractice Specialist Feedback- Dot B.

Dot’s biggest takeaways from the telepractice training included:

  • Helped make important decisions with how to provide much-needed therapy to patients
  • Gave her a lot of information about different platforms
  • Different techniques depending on the population she was seeing
  • How to utilize facilitators, whether they were in the school or using the parent as a facilitator
  • Made sure she was aware of potential compliance issues and variance by state
  • General technology needed for successful teletherapy
  • How to approach making sure clients have access to technology and internet needed for teletherapy, which is one of her bigger challenges with low income populations
  • She has seen great results from teletherapy, in some cases even better than what they were making with in-person therapy
  • Training has made her more confident that providing the best possible therapy to clients

Board Certified Telepractice Specialist Feedback- Lynda P.

Lynda’s biggest takeaways from the telepractice training included:

  • Information in the program was very detailed and easy to follow
  • Details for technology setup and how to utilize facilitators were helpful for both the clinician and patient to have an optimal teletherapy experience
  • Information on different types of platforms and available features was helpful because many SLPs look to use interactive features
  • Also provided information regarding following state and national guidelines for compliance
  • Overall was an all-encompassing program, helped her as an SLP to provide efficient and effective therapy through telepractice

Board Certified Telepractice Specialist Feedback- Lauren B.

Lauren’s biggest takeaways from the telepractice training included:

  • As a new therapist was very nervous about teletherapy, but after doing this program had much more confidence
  • Has found interactive screen-sharing to be extremely beneficial and exciting for her patients, found guidance in the program helpful for this
  • Learned that can provide group therapy through teletherapy and what guidelines to follow to do it
  • Overall recommends this certification to any SLP who is looking to do telepractice
  • Learned a lot from the certification and was great addition to her skillset
  • Great way to increase confidence in teletherapy skills

Overall Conclusions: What is Most Helpful about Telepractice Training?

As you can see, one of the most important parts about telepractice training is that each person will take away what is most important to them. All three therapists have different levels of experience and found that different parts resonated with them the most.

However, the one part that all therapists had in common is that it increased their confidence that they would be able to deliver the best therapy possible to their clients. Dot had even had numerous clients that had started to see even better results through teletherapy than they were having previously with their in-person therapy.

Many therapists are surprised by the ability of their patients to stay on task even better than during in-person therapy, helping to make teletherapy even more effective.

Learn more about telepractice certification

Learn More About Telepractice Certification

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