What if Virtual Conferences Engaged Attendees More Than In-Person Events?

Many virtual events are just webinars, but some are meant to be similar to interactive conferences and have opportunities for engagement built right in. ISCRD Virtual Summit is a conference that has numerous opportunities for engagement, starting 30 days before the conference and lasting for 30 days after.

There are a multitude of interaction tools, that when paired with **INSERT LINK HERE** powerful networking tools can easily make it so you come out of the conference with valuable connections and insight.

How Can Attendees Engage With Each Other?

There are a lot of different ways that attendees can engage with a virtual event. It can even be much easier and less intimidating to participate in the events themselves during Q & A sessions as well as easier to reach out to make connections with other professionals in your field.

Engaging Virtually Over Subject Matter

The Community Boards are another great way to be able to find people you would be interested in connecting with before, during and after the conference.

ISCRD-front-page-community-board-for-engagement-in-virtual-conferenceCommunity Boards Allow for a Whole New Level of Engagement

The Community Boards encourage a number of different types of interaction. While some topics will already be suggested by moderators or even speakers, attendees can also start their own discussions and chats. It can be an ongoing discussion on a topic or a virtual “coffee break” meetup where a group of people join a Zoom call simply to get to know each other or to discuss a specific topic of interest.

60 Days Worth of Engagement From One Conference

With ISCRD Virtual Summit opening up the app a full month before the event, this provides plenty of time for attendees to get familiar with the platform and even engage with other attendees beforehand. There will also be scheduled coffee breaks after the event to allow attendees to review the content, talk about what they’ve learned, and how they’re going to be applying lessons from the conference afterwards.

Live Question & Answer During Virtual Sessions

Attendees can submit questions during the session and top questions will be answered by the speakers during the Q & A sessions following each talk. This helps to keep attendees engaged and also helps them to get any burning questions answered. Even if there is not time to cover all the questions during the Q & A session, speakers will make an effort to answer all questions relevant to their talk.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

ISCRD article-sharing-in community boards drives engagment in virtual conference across subjectsAs part of the conference app, there is an exhibitor hall that will feature a number of partners, many of which will be engaging and interacting with attendees, including promotional and digital freebies.

Article Sharing Allows for Starting Conversations on Specific Topics

Anyone can share articles, which helps attendees to start conversations on trending topics. This can be done by moderators or speakers to get conversations started on events that are related to topics that will be covered in the sessions, or for other topics that are important to attendees. This feature is meant to help attendees understand and review upcoming talks, as well as to get more familiar with the work of the presenters beforehand.

Virtual Conference – As Engaging As You Want It To Be

There are plenty of opportunities for engagement during the ISCRD Virtual Summit. There’s far more time and far more opportunities to engage with your peers and to make sure you get the most out of the content of the conference with 60 days of access to networking and engagement tools for the conference, as well as conference material being available for 30 days after the live event .

Make sure to register early so you can get accustomed to the app, participate in pre-conference networking, and don’t miss any topics relevant to you.

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