Networking at a Virtual Conference – Even Easier Than in-Person

One of the main reasons most people go to conferences and events is networking with other professionals in their field. Many virtual conferences lack these opportunities to interact with and learn from peers.

Oftentimes a virtual conference will be a string of webinars, but conference attendees would have to do networking on a different platform virtually on their own, so they don’t.

ISCRD has interaction and networking opportunities built right into the conference, and is focused on fostering attendee engagement before, during and after the conference.

Virtual Engagement + Networking Opportunities

This article will cover the different ways attendees can network with their peers throughout the conference (this article covers opportunities for  **PUT IN LINK** engagement before and after the conference).

Why Networking Can Be More Powerful Virtually (When Done Right)

Networking at a conference can be hard. You may or may not know who is going to be at the conference, but then you have to find them, recognize them, and start that first awkward conversation. Or maybe you just want to find people that have similar job titles to you to figure out what their experience has been?

Either way, it is always hard if you can’t see someone’s badge properly to see who they’re with or what they do.

The Ease, Control, and Targeted Nature of Virtual Networking

Imagine how much easier it would be to make connections if you can look up someone’s job title, the company they work for, and other information about them before you even ask them a question? You have so much more context to go off of before asking them something.

They will also be able to look at your profile easily to find out who you are, making the interaction that much easier. All of this can be done within the conference app, so if someone doesn’t want to connect, they don’t have to. If they do, it is easier than ever to share contact information so you can stay in touch after the conference.

You can use your Linkedin profile to populate your profile in the app, so there’s no need for creating something from scratch.

Built-in Matchmaking Brings Together Attendees with Similar Backgrounds/Interests

Not sure who to talk to or what about? Once conference access opens up, you can browse the other attendees and even use the built-in matchmaking feature in the app that will search for people with similar backgrounds and interests. This can both give you ideas of who you may want to connect with and gives you a starting point for an opening conversation topic.

The more information you have in your profile, the easier it will be for you to find people with similar backgrounds and interests and for them to find you.

Contact People Easily Through the App for 60 Days

The app makes it easy for you to exchange contact information to connect beyond the app as well, but you can also keep the interactions just to the app if you prefer. Attendees will have access 30 days before the conference as well as 30 days after the conference, giving plenty of time to find people and make valuable connections that last far beyond the conference itself.

Looking to stay in touch? Connect on Linkedin or exchange email addresses.

Virtual Summit – As Engaging as You Want it to Be

There’s plenty of opportunities for networking during ISCRD Virtual Summit 2020. The best way to find the people that you want to talk to will be taking a look at the community boards (blog coming soon) and other interaction tools to find who is interested in discussing the same things as you.

Make sure to sign up for the conference early so you can get accustomed to the app, participate in pre-conference networking, and don’t miss any topics relevant to you!

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