St. Tammany Health System Bone and Joint Clinic Is Now A Certified Autism Center™

St. Tammany Bone and Joint Clinic becomes the newest department of St. Tammany Health System (STHS) to earn the Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) designation. The CAC designation is awarded to organizations whose staff have completed training and certification on best practices when working with patients with autism and other sensory needs through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

“Autism is a complex, multifaceted spectrum that affects everyone differently,” Dr. McCall McDaniel, pediatric orthopedist, said. “An autistic child may have social communication challenges, difficulty with social interactions, or atypical interests or behaviors. Frequently, these behaviors are misinterpreted by others and may lead to exclusion. April, Autism Acceptance Month, creates a platform for understanding, acceptance, and education to create an all-inclusive community for children and adults with autism. With our current knowledge and understanding of autism, it was a top priority to become a Certified Autism Center™. This new designation is not only important to the community but to my own family as well. It shows our commitment to implement strategies that will accommodate, support, and serve families better while providing quality care. As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, my training and experience taught me how to employ visual aids, short stories, create a sensory-friendly environment, and adapt my approach to examinations if needed. I am proud to be part of an organization that recognizes the importance in meeting our pediatric patient’s needs and is proactive in making these changes to better serve them.”

St. Tammany Health System Bone and Joint Clinic staff member helping family with young girl

St. Tammany Health System’s Bone and Joint Clinic provides the full range of orthopedic care, from knee and hip replacements to treatment of acute injuries from sports or other activities. The goal of treatment for each patient is to ease pain or discomfort and to help the patient return to normal daily activities.

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with St. Tammany Health System to train and certify their Bone and Joint Clinic. Our program will help enhance their professional knowledge so they can continue their mission of providing the best quality of care for all their patients,” said Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman.

St. Tammany Health System Bone and Joint Clinic doctor working with female patient

For more than 20 years, IBCCES has been the industry leader in cognitive disorder training and certification for education, healthcare, and corporate professionals around the globe. IBCCES provides evidence-based training and certification programs created in conjunction with clinical experts and individuals with autism in order to provide professionals serving individuals with cognitive disorders a better understanding of what these disorders are, industry best practices, and the latest research in these areas.

IBCCES also created, as a free online resource for parents that lists certified locations and professionals. Each organization listed on the site has met Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) requirements.

Find Out How To Become A Certified Autism Center™

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