Travel Tips from a Fellow Traveler

Alex Stratikis,

By Alex Stratikis, Autistic Traveler & Founder of Autism Adventures Aboard
Instagram: @autismadventuresabroad

Helpful tips that have helped me along the way on my travels 

Most if not all of these suggestions can be transferrable to anyone traveling under various circumstances

Alex Stratikis Travel in the rocky mountain
Research/Prepare Ahead

As soon as I know I am going somewhere; I research, plan, then research some more. Looking at maps, tourist attractions, local restaurants that have menus that fit my dietary needs, modes of transport, hidden spots, common scams to avoid, and so on. It is a lot to take in, but it gives me real peace of mind knowing what to expect once I arrive, and this allows me to live in the moment, knowing I have done all my research and planning in advance.

Don’t Be Too Strict with Your Schedule – Be Flexible

This tip might sound a bit counterintuitive for a person on the spectrum, but this is the method I have come to realize works best for me. When I first started solo traveling, I would write out itineraries for each day which was exhausting. On top of that I rarely stuck to the schedule due to various factors, which is something you must be prepared for when you travel; the unpreparable. Now I find that having done my research beforehand, I like to give myself some leeway and try to be laxer and more spontaneous with my travel schedule. This gets easier for me the more I travel.

Alex Stratikis Travel in the rocky mountain
Use Google Maps

Despite prepping with maps, I have a terrible sense of direction. I can be easily disoriented, especially if it is a busy city. I usually use maps to find unfamiliar places I have saved (I save everything with ‘to-go’ tags). Asking for directions is typically a last resort, so I will always try to make my way using my phone most of the time. Having that visual cue helps me make sense of things in a lot more logical way.

Keeping a Packing List Handy

This one does not need much explanation; however, it is essential. Create a general list of everything you need to take no matter the location and a supplementary list of climate/location-specific essentials (for example, sunscreen and mosquito spray for hotter locations). Pack according to your list(s) and tick them off as items go into your luggage. Planning and packing ahead of time can ease the anxieties of the unknown and make you feel more prepared for whatever the trip is.

Alex Stratikis Travel in the beautiful bridge connecting mountain
Taking Time Out

It is easy to feel overwhelmed during your travels, especially if you are regularly socializing (or even just having to interact with others), so setting personal boundaries to protect yourself is perfectly acceptable. Having a safe space where you can escape whenever you need to is vital. What and where this safe space is will differ from person to person. It could be a secluded spot such as a quiet beach or booking a private room for a night or two if you were previously in a dormitory or hostel.

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