Featured Certificant: Adisa A.

Adisa A.

Certified Autism Travel Professional (CATP), Travel Business Owner/Agent, Travel With Jah

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

“Building long-term relationships with clients is my favorite part of the job and incredibly rewarding. As an agent, I get to know my clients’ preferences, dreams, and travel styles, which allows me to tailor their experiences and make their travel dreams come true.”

How has your IBCCES training/credential helped you in your career?

“The IBCCES training/credential helped me in various ways, including building relationships, establishing credibility and trust, and providing in-depth knowledge about autism-related travel needs. It also enhanced my ability to support others.”

How do you use/implement what you learned in the IBCCES certification training?

“I use this training to gain a better understanding of the spectrum of cognitive disorders to tailor approaches and strategies to each individual’s needs, especially in the travel industry.”

More on how the IBCCES training has impacted Adisa:

“Obtaining the IBCCES Certified Autism Travel Professional certification has been a pivotal milestone in my career as a travel business owner and agent. This certification has not only enriched my understanding of autism but has also empowered me to tailor travel experiences that cater to the unique needs of individuals with cognitive disorders. It’s more than a credential; it’s a testament to my commitment to inclusivity and excellence in travel. The trust and confidence it instills in my clients are immeasurable, making every journey we plan not just a trip but a pathway to memorable and accessible experiences for everyone. Growing up, I witnessed many youths and adults with special needs being abused and ignored. This certification has provided added value in addressing these needs and influencing positive change.”

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