I Can’t Read Without My Glasses (an analogy)

By Lois Jean Brady, Author of Apps for Autism – www.itherapyllc.com


If you take my glasses away – I can’t read

If you encourage me – I still can’t read

If you give me a verbal model, I know what to say – but I still can’t read

If you give me cues or prompts, I have an idea of what to say – but I still can’t read

If you offer chips and skittles (reinforcers), I still won’t be able to read

If you test me, I will fail and be labeled illiterate or, worse, cognitively delayed

I may referred to resource or special education

If you give me my glasses

I can read!

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Good Read: Apps for Autism

Contributed by IBCCES Board Member Lois Jean Brady, SLP, AT, CAS, Author, Developer, & Producer of Autism Today TV & Newspaper

One of the greatest things about today’s technology is that it has given educators and parents opportunities to connect with individuals on the spectrum in a way that books, flashcards and other traditional techniques never could. Since its release in April 2010, the iPad has quickly become one of the most effective, motivating, indispensable learning tools ever for those on the autism spectrum – and just about everyone else!  In the past few years, we have seen an explosion in what mobile technology has to offer for the special needs population. Apple has incorporated terrific new accessibility features, developers have created fantastic apps, and companies are producing accessories to meet the needs of every user. But, the most impressive of all, is the way this technology is opening new possibilities for the special needs population: many users are showing capabilities that defy our expectations.

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