Turkey Hill Experience Adds New Accessibility Options to Build on Certified Autism Center™ Designation

Since its designation as a Certified Autism Center™ in 2019, Turkey Hill Experience has diligently worked to improve upon its accessibility program to better serve autistic guests. In anticipation of Autism Acceptance Month, Turkey Hill Experience is sharing these options with the community to ensure individuals and families know that all guests are welcome.

In addition to ongoing training, certification and support from IBCCES, the credentialing organization that bestows the CAC™ designation, the Turkey Hill team has developed sensory bags to help bring a sense of calm if the environment becomes overwhelming or causes too much excitement. The bags are filled with fidget toys, noise reduction ear muffs, and sunglasses, with all items being sanitized after each use. There are also designated quiet areas that visitors can access if they need a break. Continue Reading →