Ensure your staff, including special education teachers and paraprofessionals, have specialized training and certification in autism and other cognitive disorders. IBCCES provides research-based, position-specific training that is built to help teachers and staff to understand their students with cognitive disorders to improve learning outcomes and ensure every student’s needs are met. IBCCES training and certification also meets federal funding requirements for Title I, Title II, IDEA, and CARES stimulus funding. 

IBCCES offers a range of training and certification programs to fit the most pressing needs in your school or district. Click below to learn more about each program.

Certified Autism Specialist + Autism Certification

These 14 CEU autism training and certification programs offered by IBCCES focus on best practices and strategies from clinical and special education experts, as well as perspectives from individuals with autism themselves.


Read more about the program competencies here.

Telepractice Specialist + Facilitator Certification

Telepractice training and certification that meets requirements for federal funding such as Title I, Title II, IDEA, E-rate, and CARES stimulus funding, and allows your team to provide continuation of services.


Student Mental Health Specialist Certification

The 14 CEU Student Mental Health Specialist (SMHS) and Student Mental Health Certificate (SMHC) programs were created by a team of experts to address the most-needed training topics for educators and school staff, including depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, behavioral concerns, and more.


Board Certified Cognitive Specialist Certification

IBCCES offers certification programs that go above and beyond the typical training to help educators who work with students with special needs. The 14 CEU cognitive training and certification focuses on understanding students with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and dyslexia as well as litigation concerns.


Increase Outcomes + Learning Gains

Access Funding + Ensure Compliance

Build Parent Confidence + Trust

Enhance Student Wellbeing + Safety

Why Get Certified?

Cognitive disorders and mental health challenges are on the rise in schools throughout the country. Teachers will have numerous students with these issues in every class, the real question is how well they are able to help them. If teachers and other staff are not educated on how to best work with and identify students struggling with these issues, they will impact the outcomes of both their mental health and their academic performance.

Pursuing Certification Is the Best Way To:

  • Prepare teachers for managing a neurodiverse classroom
  • Increase overall student mental health and safety
  • Prevent students from needing to be transferred to another district due to lack of qualified teachers
  • Better serve individuals and families affected by autism, cognitive disorders and mental health disorders

Frank, Assistant Principal at North Belt Elementary
“This training is completely refreshed and modernized, bringing experts from the field straight to your computer screen with current relevant
information about Autism today! The format is engaging with unique perspectives…I highly recommend it!”

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