Ensure your staff – including special and general education teachers, support staff, and paraprofessionals – have the knowledge and skills to work with students with a variety of needs. Student mental health, autism, ADHD, and dyslexia are areas where continual learning is needed to provide the best supports for students and meet regulations and requirements. IBCCES provides research-based, position-specific training and professional certification that is designed to help teachers and staff to better understand their students and improve learning outcomes. IBCCES training and certification also meets federal funding requirements for Title I, Title II, IDEA, and other funding. 

Benefits of Programs

Cognitive disorders and mental health needs are on the rise in schools everywhere. Teachers will have numerous students with these needs in every class, and also have to balance social and emotional needs, learning differences, and behavioral challenges along with ensuring learning outcomes for all students. IBCCES training and certifications are designed to provide tools and best practices to assist educators and support staff in these areas.

Increase Outcomes + Learning Gains

Build Parent Confidence + Trust

Access Funding + Ensure Compliance

Enhance Student Wellbeing + Safety

IBCCES offers a range of training and certification programs to fit the most pressing needs in your school or district. Click below to learn more about each program.

Autism Certifications

Kids in the school hallwayThe Certified Autism Specialist™(CAS) and Autism Certificate (AC) programs are for professionals who are responsible for providing services or support to individuals who have autism. These 14 CE training and certification programs focus on best practices in the following areas:

    • Autism Overview
    • Behavior
    • IEP and Program Development
    • Early Childhood Identification
    • Parent Communication
    • Comorbidities

*These certifications are available in Arabic upon request

Student Mental Health Certification – for Teachers, Paraprofessionals and Staff

teenage boy feeling stress and anxiety The Student Mental Health Certificate (SMHC) program was created for non-mental health professionals who work in the education setting to help identify and support students with mental health concerns. The goal is to help identify these students to provide assistance or professional support faster, increase school safety and improve learning outcomes. This 14 CEU program focuses on identification and best practices in the following areas related to student mental health:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Behavior Management
    • ADHD
    • IEP and Program Development
    • Oppositional Defiance Disorder
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    • Traumatic Brain Injury

Cognitive Certifications

students playing with blocksThe Board Certified Cognitive Specialist (BCCS) and Certified Cognitive Coach (CCC) training and certification programs were designed to address the need for best practices on a variety of increasingly prevalent disorders seen by educators in the classroom. The 14 CEU BCCS and CCC certifications include training on the following topics:

    • Dyslexia
    • ADHD
    • Anxiety
    • Autism
    • Litigation Concerns

Pursuing Certification Is the Best Way To

  • Provide training and tools for staff who are teaching students with a wide variety of needs
  • Increase identification of student mental health needs and enhance safety
  • Prevent students from needing to be transferred to another district due to lack of qualified teachers
  • Better serve students with learning differences or other needs
student reading on top of other books

This training is completely refreshed and modernized, bringing experts from the field straight to your computer screen with current relevant information about Autism today! The format is engaging with unique perspectives…I highly recommend it!

-Frank, Assistant Principal at North Belt Elementary

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