International Credentialing


The goal of the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) is to ensure that highly qualified and trained professionals are working with individuals with autism throughout the world. IBCCES has established industry-leading standards governing individuals working in the field of autism. Certified Autism Specialists and Autism Certificants can be found throughout the world, in numerous countries, and on 5 continents.

The IBCCES credentials demonstrate that an individual has experience working with individuals with autism, participates in continuing education in the field of autism, and passes an Autism Competency exam. Scope of practice is defined by your professional license and the regulations in your country or local area.

Currently, the exam is only offered in English. The full application process is completed online, making it possible for Autism specialist’s all over the globe to become certified. Payment is accepted in US dollars and international payment via credit card ensures an automatic currency exchange.

If you, or your organization, has questions regarding international autism certification, please contact us at


* International Applicants will receive a digital copy of the certificate and wallet card. Physical copies will be sent upon request and assessed a $25 shipping and handling fee.