Meet Twiddle, a Sensory Resource for Autism

Throughout her life, Lily had been marvelous with her hands. She loved creating beautiful knitted sweaters, delicate embroidery and award-winning recipes. As she aged, Lily’s eyesight began to fade, and those wonderful hands became idle and chilled. The Twiddle gave Lily’s inquisitive hands something to keep them active, engaged and warm. Lily was also reminded of how much she was loved, even when her daughter, the creator of Twiddle, couldn’t be with her.

Meet Twiddle, a new Certified Autism Resource that was created as a sensory tool for individuals with autism, dementia and other sensory conditions. Twiddles are playful comfort aids that assist people of all ages with a range of sensory-related conditions. Providing comfort or activity as needed,Twiddles assist in organizing tactile, visual and auditory input. They are also a way of expanding someone’s personal space, and with more than 25,000 sold since 1997, Twiddles provide an affordable, drug-free therapeutic alternative.

After about 20,000 Twiddles were sold, Vicki Quick and her husband, Barney, became the proud new owners of the Twiddle line in June 2014. They found that Twiddle was perfect for individuals on the autism spectrum who needed a sensory tool to help keep their hands occupied. Each Twiddle is made from a cozy, durable fabric. Four different fidget attachments help comfort or engage people across the autism spectrum, whether they’re drawn to or dysregulated by sensory input. Tethered inside is a flexible, soft-plastic orbit ball.

Twiddle being used in a therapy session with a child with ASD. Twiddle is the newest Certified Autism Resource as approved by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). As a Certified Autism Resource, Twiddle has been reviewed by the IBCCES board in detail and determined that it is fit to meet the sensory needs of individuals with autism. Twiddle is sold across the globe, and is additionally proven to be a positive memory support aid for dementia and other sensory conditions.

“We are honored to be affiliated with IBCCES through the Certified Autism Resource program. It is so gratifying, this singular opportunity to raise awareness among leaders in the autism community of our Twiddles’ sensory benefits for those living on the Spectrum. We envision input from these leaders informing the evolution of the Twiddles line.”

Certified Autism Resources must fall within one of the 10 IBCCES Areas of Autism Competency and complete a comprehensive application process and board evaluation, in which the resource is tested and determined beneficial to the autism community.


“I strongly believe that creating professional partnerships that help care for those with autism and other sensory processing disorders improves the quality of care,” Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman, said.

For more information regarding Twiddle, please contact Vicki Quick at (844-894-3353), or visit their website at


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