Your Voice Matters Series: Occupational Therapist’s Perspective On Utilizing Autism Certification in the “New Normal”

Hear from Vikram Pagpatan, an occupational therapist and assistive technology evaluator, explain the benefits of his Certified Autism Specialist training and certification when working with patients in remote settings.

Video Transcript
I think the certification within autism as a specialty has really opened up my understanding of how to understand the consumers, interpersonal skills, especially when using remote conferencing tools like zoom, Microsoft Teams goto meeting, Skype and even FaceTime.I think when it comes to individuals with social communication deficits. Remote teleconferencing is not easy. And it’s not the most comfortable medium for engaging in a  conversation with anyone. And I think as practitioners from every discipline. When working with individuals with expressive difficulties, it’s important to remain very empathetic, but also very open minded to ensuring that active listening is always reinforced again the this platform isn’t intended for everyone, but it’s just, it can be much more difficult for those with already underlying social expressive issues. So the certification has really educated me on the various techniques and alternative approaches to understanding how to use remote technology, such as video conferencing tools.

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