Record Teacher Turnover Tied to Lack of Mental Health Training

Student mental health is steadily becoming one of the top issues schools are facing across the US, and teachers are lacking in the mental health training to address it. It’s also a key factor directly tied to the teacher turnover rate, which is at an all-time high.

Importance of Teachers and School Staff

Now more than ever, teachers hold one of the most important jobs available. Not only are they expected to properly educate our youth, but they simultaneously help shape the future citizens of our country. That’s a pretty hefty task to take on, which is why it’s so disappointing that Continue Reading →


Suicide Prevention: 9 Subtle Warning Signs for School Staff to Recognize

By Brandy Killian, M.S., NCSP, CAS

It is important to recognize the often subtle signs of suicide for suicide prevention to be effective.

Teachers and staff can play a crucial role in preventing suicide by becoming more familiar with the warning signs of suicide and learning what to do when they recognize them.

Students considering suicide are often not the ones teachers and administrators might expect.

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Student Anxiety is an Epidemic in the Classroom: What Teachers Can Do

Student anxiety can have a huge effect on a student’s future if it isn’t addressed properly.

The Dangers of Student Anxiety

Take Jeremy for example. It was looking like Jeremy’s only ticket out of the inner city was basketball. He was a star on the court and though intelligent, he spent little time on his studies.

Jeremy had been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and ended up spending more time in the bathroom than in his classes during the school day. Continue Reading →