Autism Certification for Speech Language Pathologists: Why it’s Important

Autism certification for speech language pathologists (SLPs) is increasingly important due to the rising numbers of neurodiverse individuals many SLPs have to work with on a daily basis.

Neurodiverse SLP Education is Highly Variable

While there may be some time devoted to how neurodiverse individuals process and how they can best be taught, this is going to vary substantially based on the training of the individual SLP.

Typically, SLPs choose to specialize in different areas, but their main role is to help patients develop effective communication and social skills.

Without asking the SLP, it is generally hard for people to tell how much knowledge and experience they have with neurodiverse individuals unless they have a recognized certification. Continue Reading →


Why Occupational Therapists Should Get Certified in Autism

Many Occupational Therapists don’t receive specific training in the areas of autism or other cognitive disorders to help them adapt to the range of challenges Autism Spectrum Disorder can present. Occupational therapists are expected to be highly qualified and capable of working with a wide range of conditions and diverse populations.

The problem is that students with autism and other cognitive disorders don’t typically respond the same to traditional practices, so understanding these differences can be crucial in delivering effective care to these individuals.

Standards for medical professionals are constantly being raised. The combination of these two aspects is why it’s becoming increasingly important for OTs to find ways to differentiate their skill set from others in the industry, helping them gain a competitive edge and to be a top care provider.

Over 3.5 million Americans are living with autism and 1 in every 59 children are diagnosed with the condition. This is a huge population that demands professional care – OTs can be on the front lines of serving them while expanding their market and increasing business opportunities. Continue Reading →


9 Ways an Autism Certification Helps Occupational Therapists (& Children)

Occupational therapists don’t always receive in-depth training specific to autism and other cognitive disorders throughout their education, which is why autism certification can be so helpful for many OTs.

Many occupational therapists became an OT because they want to be able to help children. A CAS credential is meant to help OTs and other health care professionals be better prepared to serve individuals on the autism spectrum in a variety of ways, in turn making them a resource for teachers, parents, and co-workers alike. Continue Reading →


Add to Your Practice as a Special Needs Dentist: Autism Certification

By Dr. Yasmin Kottait, DDS, HDD, Dip CBT, MFDS Ed, MSc

Becoming a Certified Autism Center shows parents that you can be their dentist, whether their child has autism or another cognitive disorder or special need. This can help your dental practice grow and distinguish yourself as a leader.

Autism Spectrum and Dentistry

Wondering how to advance your career in service of children with autism? If you’re thinking of more ways to serve this amazing group of children as a Pediatric Dentist, here is what you need to know.

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