Meet Dr. Bruce Wexler, International Symposium on Cognitive Research & Disabilities Speaker

bruce-wexlerDr. Bruce E. Wexler is a Professor at Yale University. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College, received his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, studied psychiatry at Anna Freud’s Hampstead Clinic, neurology at Queen’s Square Institute of Neurology, and psychiatry at Yale. Author of over 125 scientific articles, Professor Wexler is a world leader in harnessing neuroplasticity to improve cognition through brain exercises. He and colleagues developed the first program that integrates computerized brain exercises and physical exercises to improve executive function in young children, a program in use by thousands of children in schools across the U.S. Dr. Wexler and colleagues have also developed programs that are effective treatments for ADHD and geriatric depression.

Dr. Wexler was a visiting professor at Peking University in 2008, and has given multiple invited lectures throughout China, Korea, Japan and Europe as well as North and South America. As a consultant for Israeli and Palestinian religious leaders, Dr. Wexler conducted a U.S. State Department funded study of how the “other” is portrayed in Israeli and Palestinian schoolbooks. Dr. Wexler received an NIH Director’s award for high innovation potentially paradigm changing research and the Kempf Fund Award from the American Psychiatric Association. He has served as a member of the Kennedy Foundation Forum on Technology and Mental Health Innovations, the GE Brain Trust and a consultant for the Gates Foundation.

“Research has over-and-over demonstrated the importance of cognitive problems in limiting success in school and life,” Wexler said. “Now new research is establishing increasingly effective methods to help children and adults with cognitive deficits succeed despite the deficits, or even reduce the deficits themselves. This conference brings together many people who are in the forefront of these important efforts.”

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