Top 3 Ways Savvy Professionals Use Their IBCCES Credentials

IBCCES Digital Badge:

Digital badges are a powerful tool that allows professionals to share their accomplishments across the web. Each digital badge is unique to the user and verifies that that person has completed the rigorous process of becoming IBCCES-certified. Digital badges allow the user to store, access and securely share their credentials and are always verified and current.

Various ways you can use digital badges:

  • Linkedin
  • Other social media
  • On your website
  • In the signature of your email
  • In digital resumes


Your certificate is proof of your commitment to ongoing education and training in your field. It is something that helps give your patients, parents, or students confidence in your abilities. Upon approval of your credential you will receive a mailed copy of your certificate but you also receive immediate access to the digital copy that you can print and use. Below are some of the ways you might consider using your certificate.


BB Boise-Eagle Director

  • Framed in your office or classroom

In the background for your Zoom or digital meetings. This can be especially useful when you are a Board Certified Telepractice Specialist.

“I have mine Certified Autism Specialist certificate framed in my classroom and it’s amazing the comfort and relief that brings to the parents of students with ASD in my class.” – Katy, SPED Teacher, TX

Woman holding her CAS cardIBCCES Wallet Card


The wallet card is a unique asset that professionals who are Certified in Autism, Student Mental Health or Cognitive Disorders receive in the mail. This card can function like your portable certificate. If you’re working in a different location or encounter a situation in which your credentials can be useful to lend credibility or provide peace of mind it is often very reassuring to the parents, patients or clients that you have gone above and beyond in your field.

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