Featured Certificant: Rebecca Bloxham

Rebecca Bloxham

CAS & Special Education Coordinator
Why did you choose your profession?
After teaching students in the general education setting for several years, I ventured to special education and felt like I had come home! I love working with individuals who have autism and/or cognitive disorders. Once systems and supports are put in place, the playing field levels out and students can demonstrate growth and knowledge. My passion is working with marginalized populations and laying the groundwork to make ALL students successful. By setting up supports and systems in classrooms that allow for maximum independence in the school community and for life after graduation, I feel educators can make an impact that will last a lifetime. I chose to be an educator for students in the special education setting because I want to help students who require additional assistance to thrive in all areas.
What’s your favorite part about what you do?
My favorite part of the job is watching students become as independent as possible. There is a lot of front-loading in classrooms, which means that I do a lot of training for classroom teachers at the beginning of the school year. Once students have supports and systems in place, and learn how to interact with them, the classroom runs itself. The teacher becomes a facilitator and the need for behavior redirection diminishes. Students can flourish and that is exciting to me!
How has your IBCCES training/credential helped you in your career?
The IBCCES training has been instrumental in the development of my personal mission statement! To assist ALL students in being successful and independent, I have relied heavily on the IBCCES supports in order to standardize programming district wide. Students go from one campus to another and their schedules, systems and programming follow them. Transitions are streamlined and student success is augmented. I hold weekly cohort meetings with teachers to ensure consistency in programming and answer student specific questions. If there are areas that need attention, I can focus on teachers district wide so that the same areas are addressed on all campuses before the problem becomes significant and wide-spread. My personal mission statement to provide high quality differentiated instruction is enhanced as I follow the IBCCES guidance.

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