Featured Certificant: Gina Luna Bermudo

Gina Luna Bermudo

CAS, MAEd, SPED, Special Education Teacher, and Behavior Analyst
Why did you choose your profession?
Of all the paths on which I am given options, I chose to take the challenge of special education, as it is aligned to my life’s major events, which are mainly focused on caring for my two children with autism as they undergo multiple stages of development. This premise, coupled with exposure to children with disabilities from different walks of life, my training in my country and abroad, various advocacy works made me resolve to share whatever I have acquired and learned with those who need it the most. One way of giving myself to the community was to become a special educator to spread autism awareness. Engaging myself in the service of special education was the route I took to carry out that aim.
What’s your favorite part about what you do?
It is my teaching belief that the main goal of educating a child with special needs, particularly autistic children, is to be able to develop them into productive individuals and integrate them into society with dignity. Being a part of this positive behavior change is a blessing because these children can do anything and turn into someone great when properly guided. My job taught me compassion and understanding when I teach these children. By making them feel loved, the way they understand it, reflect on their behavior and they love me back unconditionally, and that is my favorite part of what I do.
How has your IBCCES training/credential helped you in your career?
My IBCCES Training helped me respond to the rising demand for reliable information and intervention that are evidence-based and data-driven. As we all know, teaching children with autism is a challenge, since it involves a diversity of issues and behaviors that need to be addressed. Multiple schools of thought on the education of learners on the autism spectrum have emerged, all of which claim to be effective in dealing with issues and behaviors of autistic learners. As a result, families, educators, and service providers are constantly bombarded by a massive amount of confusing and often conflicting information about these approaches. IBCCES, helped me in resolving the confusion by providing guidelines on choosing the best educational practices that are empirically proven effective in addressing the needs of children with autism.

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