Featured Certificant: Kimberly Redlon

Kimberly Redlon

CAS, ACAS, Special Education Coordinator

Why did you choose your profession?

Choosing a profession as a student going into college, I knew that I wanted something in the human service field so I majored in psychology. For one of my classes, I enrolled in an Intro to Special Education class and was HOOKED! I was drawn to working with students with disabilities and seeing the progress that they can make with the appropriate interventions. I have now been in the field for 20 years and could not picture myself doing anything else.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

My favorite part of my job is when I see the “ah-ha” moment on a student or teacher’s face. That moment when you see the student realize they can do something they couldn’t before. Whether it be reading a passage they thought was too difficult or being able to access a lunchroom that had previously been too overwhelming. Additionally, when I am able to coach a teacher through a new strategy or behavior plan and they see it work with a student. Those are the best parts of my job, knowing that I have made a difference in a student’s educational journey.

How has your IBCCES training/credential helped you in your career?

Having my IBCCES training and certification in both CAS and ACAS has allowed me to better support the teachers I work with, make meaningful changes in student programming, as well plan for district program alignment and professional development.

How do you use/implement what you learned in the IBCCES certification training?

I share my knowledge and what I have learned through professional development and coaching with teachers.

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