Featured Certificant: Youssef M.

Youssef M.

Certified Cognitive Coach (CCC), Autism Life Coach

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

“As someone who was late diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, I feel that through my coaching work I have the opportunity to offer the guidance that I never got. It feels incredibly fulfilling to contribute to the development of young autistic people and see them develop the skills and knowledge to create their independent lives.”

How has your IBCCES training/credential helped you in your career?

“Thanks to my IBCCES training and certification, I was able to demonstrate to my employer that I have the necessary background knowledge and the dedication to working with autistic individuals. I hope that with future experience I would reach higher credentials to reflect my career development in this area.”

How do you use/implement what you learned in the IBCCES certification training?

“My training as a Certified Cognitive Coach has helped me to develop a broad understanding of cognitive disorders and their impact on people’s lives. Through this, I am able to more accurately recognize the challenges that my clients face, as they may not only struggle with autism but also with comorbidities. Having the knowledge and awareness to apply it is essential for identifying the sources of these challenges.”

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