Featured Certificant: Melanie D White

Melanie D White

AC, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

What’s your favorite part about what you do?
  My favorite part of what I do is seeing that I’m making a difference. No matter how minor it may seem, it’s huge in the lives of the young people I work with. Especially when they are able to recognize their progress.
How has your IBCCES training/credential helped you in your career?
  As much as I recognize how it has helped me to obtain clients, it’s more important to the parents and guardians of those we work with because it gives them peace of mind knowing that someone qualified is working with their loved ones.
How do you use/implement what you learned in the IBCCES certification training?
  I use many of the tools that are provided in the training. To ensure fidelity, I regularly review the study manual, my notes from videos and read experiences from other IBCCES certificate holders.

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