TCASE Autism Conference

Why should you attend?
  • Learn best practices and practical strategies for supporting students with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in other Texas districts to share best practices and supports for students.
  • Earn CEU’s by attending. CEU’s will qualify for professional certification as a Certified Autism Specialist or Autism Certificate.

Who should attend?

The TCASE Autism Conference is designed for educators and paraprofessionals who are responsible for supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.

Topics Include:

  • Strategies for supporting general education teachers;
  • Social communication and interaction;
  • Dealing with aggression and behavior issues;
  • Sexuality and education;
  • Video modeling and the use of apps;
  • Bullying from a legal and district perspective.

Featured Speakers:

Kathy Fad, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D; Edward Clouser, MA, M.Ed, BCBA; Melanie Johnston, MA, SLP, CAS; Paula Roalson, JD

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Top Autism Specialists Recognized in Autism Awareness Month

The International Board of Credentialing & Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) is recognizing outstanding professionals that dedicate their lives to autism during Autism Awareness Month. Throughout April, the IBCCES will feature these individuals through their Members Site for Certified Autism Specialists to recognize each day. Each week, the Outstanding Autism Specialists will additionally be featured on the IBCCES News Blog for recognition worldwide. IBCCES has selectively chosen these individuals based on their background, qualifications, achievements, and continuous work in the field of autism.

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Play-Based Interventions – Columbia, MO

Workshop Highlights

  • Easy to use play-based methods, techniques and activities to address communication deficits, negative behaviors, and sensory challenges of the children with ASD and developmental challenges
  • Options to avoid the pitfalls of overusing technology
  • Case study video examples of children functioning at different developmental levels to help you determine the best play-based interventions
  • Demonstrations of effective early intervention tools that you can use in your practice/classroom, including coaching, modeling, and feedback techniques
  • Immediately integrate communication, sensory and behavior strategies into everyday routines in the home, classroom, and community

Workshop Description

Individuals on the autism spectrum and those who have other developmental disorders often have significant communication, behavior and sensory challenges that are associated with their conditions. All individuals communicate, but some may need to use avenues outside of traditional therapies in order to effectively improve social capabilities. Play-based interventions offer childhood professionals a supplemental tool to achieve desired outcomes in children who do not respond to traditional methods, and have been proven to produce long-term, effective communicative, behavior and sensory outcomes for individuals.

In this workshop, you will learn to use evidence-based play methods, techniques and activities in applied early intervention to achieve better socialization, communication, and behavior outcomes in children with a wide range of developmental disabilities including Autism, Down syndrome and ADHD. This workshop also offers practical techniques to reduce negative behaviors and overcome various sensory challenges. Participants will implement a play-based system to assess and treat children according to their current level of development, interests, and sensory profile during daily home, school, and community interactions. Participants will leave this workshop with play-based intervention strategies that are practical and sufficient for everyday use to support children’s growth and development in early intervention settings.

Have a question about this workshop?
Give us a call at (800) 433-9570 or send us an email at Office hours are 6AM-6PM Central, Monday-Friday.


Using Positive Supports to Manage Behavior in the Classroom

By Kelly Noda, MA, CAS

A few years ago, I encountered a set of notorious twins who challenged my classroom and behavior management skills honed carefully by years of teaching middle school students and parenting a “strong-willed” child. I had no formal ABA training; in fact, I was brand new to the school. I didn’t recall doing anything to merit these 15-year-old sophomores’ placement together in my class, especially in a period that ended up as the last class on Fridays. I’d been warned of their tendencies, their “attention-seeking” antics by my colleagues. Head-shaking, commiserating ninth-grade teachers wished me the perfunctory “good luck” after a disbelieving exclamation of “You have them BOTH in the same class!?”  I can still see the piteous looks on their faces.

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Building Bridges, Linking Lives, and Healing Hearts

By: Elayne Pearson, Special Needs Preparedness Specialist, Author/Life Coach/Motivational Speaker

February brings to my mind cold and prickly weather, but also warm and fuzzy thoughts of Valentine’s Day. It’s a favorite holiday of mine because I think we all need to express our love and appreciation more. Okay, at home, more love and at work, more appreciation.

“Ah love, it’s a grand thing,” Lady Cluck wistfully observes, while gazing at the dreamy Maid Marion in Disney’s Robin Hood, and I truly agree with her.

For years, our home rang with the delightful music and scenes from that show and many Disney classics, because Heidi, our beloved little girl with Down syndrome, adored all things Disney. A few years later her sweet personality shifted into anxious and baffling behaviors (before most had even heard the word autism) and our videos went from being a simple joy — to a deep need of Heidi’s to collect and constantly carry with her.

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“Keep it UP!” Helpful Hints from Hawaii

By Elayne Pearson, Special Needs Preparedness Specialist – Author/Life Coach/Motivational Speaker

It’s dawn. The sun sprinkles glorious golden bronze glitter on the navy blue ocean out beyond our little time-share balcony, or lanai, as they call it here in Hawaii.  My husband, Rod, and I love the Islands, because they transport and replenish us. We love the cultures, foods, and people here.

I’m supposed to relax, but it’s kind of hard, because for over 25 years on any vacation with Heidi, our beautiful daughter with Down syndrome and late-onset autism, it honestly was not relaxing for our family.  We had to watch her constantly.  Thank goodness (out of real desperation) I searched and gradually found drug-free solutions to calm her accelerated central nervous system and level out her baffling emotions.

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Featured Certified Autism Specialist: Marybeth Blanchette

Marybeth Blanchette, MA, CAGS, BCBA, LBA, CAS

School Psychologist, In-Home Behavior Therapist

City/State: Providence, RI

School/Organizations:  Providence Public School Department District Autism Team (School Psychologist), Northeast Behavioral Associates, South Eastern MA Region (In-Home Behavior Therapist)

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