New Partnership Provides More Options For Individuals With Autism

Leading Nonprofit and Certification Board Partner to Expand Reach

Autism is a developmental disability that affects an ever-increasing number of children and adults across the US and the globe. Two of the most influential organizations in this space are now working together to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum. The Autism Society of America and the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) announced  a significant partnership  that will allow the oldest and largest autism grassroots autism organization in the world and the industry leader in training and certification to work together to increase the quality of life and services provided  to individuals on the spectrum. Specifically for families who want to travel or experience attractions but are hesitant due to potential lack of awareness or accommodations, this partnership will further the work already being done by IBCCES and the Autism Society to ensure all families have options.

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