How to Conduct Job Interviews with Candidates Who Have Autism

Organizations need to take special considerations when interview candidates with autism.

Katherine Breward, University of Winnipeg

The unemployment and underemployment of capable workers with autism is a well-documented phenomenon, as a British study showed.

Employers are gradually getting better at recognizing the value of including neurodiverse people in their organizations, and information about accommodation strategies is starting to become more readily available.

That said, these accommodations aren’t helpful to workers if they are unable to land a job in the first place. Recruitment and selection practices can inadvertently negatively impact candidates with autism. Continue Reading →


Autism in the Workforce: Companies Hiring Autistic Individuals

As the number of people diagnosed with autism increases it is becoming imperative for companies to understand how hiring these individuals can provide unparalleled value. 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism. This leads to a very large population of adults on the spectrum who want to enter the workforce, but often struggle finding opportunities.

Individuals with autism are breaking stereotypes and showing the world what they are capable of across many arenas. Innovative companies are realizing that there are many job positions that make use of the unique strengths that people with autism possess. In fact, many times individuals on the spectrum are a better fit for certain positions than those not on the spectrum. Continue Reading →