Classroom 360 – Autism Teacher Training

Classroom 360 is dynamic and intensive 4 day training series for teachers supporting students with autism in a classroom setting.  Strategies and procedures covered in the Classroom 360 training are supported by research addressing critical areas of instruction for students with autism.

Participants gain knowledge to assist in providing quality services to their students on the autism spectrum.  A wide range of teaching materials to support students in the classroom is provided.

The 360 trainers bring a multitude of years of training and experience in the areas of ABA, Structured Teaching, Communication, Positive Behavior Supports, andacademic/cognitive supports.

The focus of Classroom 360 training is to address the needs of students with moderate to severe autism receiving instruction in elementary classrooms.

Participants earn 24 CPE hours of continuing education experience.

With the demand for autism experts and autism therapists on the rise, it is more important than ever for teachers and health professionals to have some form of ASD training. At IBCCES, we are committed to providing professional development training through our Autism Certification.