Summertime is Here! What’s the Best Camp for Your Child?

Summer is here, and finding the camp for your child can be a daunting task. There are a plethora of options when it comes to summer camps, but how do parents choose what works for their child?

To ensure that your camps are up-to-date with the latest research and information to support your child, it is important that they receive training and certification. Be sure to ask for and check for their credentials. If your child has special needs such as autism, many organizations such as YMCA and even Beaches Resorts Kid’s Camps have received staff-wide training and are designated as Certified Autism Centers through IBCCES. See below for some important considerations when looking for the perfect camp for your little ones this summer.

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Dr. Theresa Regan Releases New Book and Discusses the Importance of the CAS

1) How hateresas earning the Certified Autism Specialist been meaningful and satisfying?

Earning my CAS has not only been a milestone in my own journey in autism specialization, but also a way of connecting with others in the international community who also serve ASD individuals and their family members.  Although the community of providers serving those with autism is experiencing needed growth, to have easy online access to an abundance of training opportunities, job openings, news, and best practices is essential to my own best practice.

2) How has the CAS credential affected your professional growth?

So many things have come together to help me grow professionally in the area of autism services. I have been an adult neuropsychologist at OSF Healthcare for 18 years and have grown in so many areas of brain behavior relationships. When I had my own son 11 years ago, my world opened up to many topics only pediatric specialists seemed to focus on. I began to recognize autism in the adult and geriatric patients within my own practice. Earning my CAS certification brought all my professional and personal experience together into a more cohesive practice model.  I have now published my book Understanding Autism in Adults and Aging Adults as a professional, a mother, and a certified autism specialist.

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TCASE Autism Conference

Why should you attend?
  • Learn best practices and practical strategies for supporting students with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in other Texas districts to share best practices and supports for students.
  • Earn CEU’s by attending. CEU’s will qualify for professional certification as a Certified Autism Specialist or Autism Certificate.

Who should attend?

The TCASE Autism Conference is designed for educators and paraprofessionals who are responsible for supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.

Topics Include:

  • Strategies for supporting general education teachers;
  • Social communication and interaction;
  • Dealing with aggression and behavior issues;
  • Sexuality and education;
  • Video modeling and the use of apps;
  • Bullying from a legal and district perspective.

Featured Speakers:

Kathy Fad, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D; Edward Clouser, MA, M.Ed, BCBA; Melanie Johnston, MA, SLP, CAS; Paula Roalson, JD

Register Online